“Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise’s aesthetic assumes the vocal cool of Tom Petty and infuses it with a jangly surf rock that seems to simply breathe stunning melodies.” - JanglePop

“…a mesmerizing sonic journey that finds itself nestled somewhere between Sparklehorse-inspired creativity, lo-fi rock aesthetics, slowcore ethos, the pages of a dozen issues of the great indie magazine Magnet, ’90s vibes, and an otherworldly cosmic Americana daydream. This track has the power to put you in a trance like nothing else you’ve encountered recently. If your heart finds a home in the midst of those influences, you’ll fall in love with it. But even if you’re venturing into this soundscape for the first time, put on your headphones, focus, close your eyes, and let the magic happen. Running Too Hot is a piece of art that reveals its beauty when you let it wash over you.” - Last Day Deaf